Video-On-Demand (VOD)

Widely available, low-cost, high-speed Internet connections are available everywhere these days. And, with the influx of portable, Internet-ready devices (smart phones, iPods, laptops, iPads, etc.) capable of streaming online video content, viewers are able to access video from virtually every corner of the world, 24 hours a day.

The fact that viewers can do this and that they actually do so, means that your marketing need never have downtime. Nor is it hobbled to desk-time. And its application is not limited to personal, individual screen-time either. Going portable and on-demand means that “the new school way” is the way to go. Take a sports store training tips video, for example, “… you’ll make it just as easy for coach to lift it up and copy it onto a team website, or just as easy for a parent or play to lift it and place it on a club’s site page. … The new school way is to place it where they [potential customers] are.” (

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But taking your video to where your customers are is not just about location on the internet. It’s also about where they are in terms of time. Being able to view a sales pitch, instruction video or animation at a time that suits the customer, helps your product to stand out from a world saturated with static same-same ‘Sale’ signs and percentage-off promotions. It’s great to see a big-box value retailer doing things a little differently.

The new campaign from American family fashion value retailer Old Navy (part of Gap Inc.) still sells strongly – it pushes new-season product at a sharp price point – but does so in an ingenious, engaging and fun way. And it’s accessible on-demand.

Each clip resolves with a product and price message around a Spring fashion look, eg: ankle jeans for $19.50. So far, so ho-hum, you might say. But where the campaign gets really clever is in its interactivity.

Old Navy has partnered with Shazam, the mobile-phone based music identification service. (If you haven’t heard of Shazam, it’s (an app that allows people to quickly identify a song and artist, just by using their mobile phone to ‘listen’ to a piece of music.) When Old Navy customers “tag” one of the “hits” (by using Shazam to identify the song on TV, Facebook, YouTube or in store), they instantly unlock a load of content – you can “meet the band”, watch their music video, download the song, get style tips, or “rock the band’s look”. Follow the last link and you suddenly find yourself shopping Old Navy online, picking up a pair of jeans that featured in the video, down from $34.50 to $19.50.

Source: Article Why bore people into buying?

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