Video is a powerful Sales Tool

An abandoned “shopping cart” is a sad sight. . Whether it’s at a jaunty angle curbside, lonely in a carpark or upside-down in a creek, empty shopping carts are not pulling their weight! They’re easy to fill, but just as easy to abandon. They’re even easier to abandon online. But they are less abandoned online by retail site visitors who have viewed a slick online video production. In fact, retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to purchase than those who don’t view. And there are less returns and higher sales. [comScore December 2009].

One might be pushed to think of something that diamonds, paintball and cleaning products have in common. But we need look no further than the impact that online video production has had on their sales.

After adding product videos to their eCommerce site, Diamond Jewelry Limited realised a 60% reduction in returns, which significantly increased their revenues and margins. By providing a truer representation of the diamond with video than that offered by static photos, prospective customers had a more informed experience. So there were no surprises when they received the product. See an example of the product video here

Paintball is big business and carries over 5000 different paintball products. The company began looking for new ways to describe and pitch their products to customers, beyond the standard (and stale) text-and-images combo. The logical choice was video, so they partnered with Treepodia. (Disclosure: Treepodia is one of the fabulous sponsors of

Now, in the spot where most e-commerce sites have a product image, has a video: Says’s marketing director, Brian Mitchell: “People don’t want to read five paragraphs to learn about a product. Listening to a video for 30 seconds tends to be an easier (and more enjoyable) way of doing it.” Conversions are up: 3.26% of buyers who watched the videos made a purchase, while only 2.58% of customers who didn’t see the video bought something.

“I can hear your inner skeptic trying to point out that this is only an increase of 1%, and I hope your inner skeptic knows how much that translates to in terms of products and dollars over the course of a month or a year. A 1% increase in sales for an established e-commerce business is reason to celebrate. This is a success story.

“There are also some other measurements that show the videos are working. For instance, pages that have the product videos on them are viewed for 2 minutes, with pages containing no video only being viewed an average of 35 seconds. That’s four times the amount of time that user’s attention is captured. And here’s a real gem of a stat, particularly if you care at all about search engine traffic: each video placed on their site generates roughly 190-250 visits per day from organic searches.” (From: Direct Marketing News great write up about

So, after you’re done digging in the dirt for diamonds and shooting paintballs all over the place, cleaning up might be in order. Equip2Clean have been selling cleaning and garden equipment online for several years. Since using video to demonstrate their products, conversion rates of visits to purchases increased from 7% to 15%, which is a massive step change. All products on Equip2Clean ‘s website now feature full product videos and demonstrations. The reason this company was able to increase sales is simple. The videos show shoppers how the products really work and are able to wow them in a way photos cannot.