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Organising and running an event is a major investment of time and money. Why not showcase the buzz, the speakers and the highlights to reach a much wider audience?

Target your partners, sponsors and attendees and those who couldn’t make it with a sizzle video of the event. Add some voxpops from attendees to reveal the interest and excitement generated on the day.

WYSTC- WYSTC Sydney 2013

Vox Pops
Vox pops give voice to people in the street and provide a snapshot of public opinion.

They are a great way to bring dry statistics to life or illustrate research findings.

Tell your story in the words of ordinary people and make it accessible and credible to a diverse audience.

Pittwater Council – “2025 Community Strategic Plan” vox pops

When your customers speak about their real life experiences with your products or services they lend immediate credibility.

Video testimonials will connect with your target demographic more cost effectively than any other medium.

They are an affordable and powerful way of engaging your audience 24/7 through multiple channels.

SSNT- ‘Be Your Best’ series

Video wins hands down when showcasing a venue or property.

Showcasing your hotel, resort, restaurant, college or conference venue in this way provides the viewer with a clear idea of your location and facilities and the assurance they need to make the booking decision.

With online reservations now dominant, web video helps convert tentative enquiries into confirmed bookings.

Pilu – Weddings at Pilu

Company Profiles
Company profiles allow you to show the human face behind your corporate brand. They reveal the people, values and culture that make your business tick. If you want to build confidence and trust then a video company profile is a must. It will work for you 24/7 and can be distributed through multiple channels. A text heavy “About Us” page just doesn’t compete.

Phil Gilbert Motor Group- “Company Overview”

Case Studies
Got a worthwhile case study you want to share? Video can tell the story and get across key messages.

That successful sales pitch you want to duplicate elsewhere in the business can be neatly summarised and important lessons shared in a compelling way. Text heavy case studies just do not compare.

Polymet- “Coastal Avocados

How To
Throw out the old and expensive instruction manual and offer your customers an easy to follow ‘how to’ video. Readily accessible on hand held devices, ‘how to’ videos are more convenient and easier to understand.

An improved customer experience will increase brand loyalty, spread positive word of mouth and ensure repeat business.

32% of the Australian YouTube users watch ‘how to’ videos. Monthly in Australia there are over 2.4 million ‘how to’ related queries on YouTube. (source: YouTube)

SwinFin Australia- SwinFin Demo with Libby Trickett

Video offers a cost effective way to provide high quality training that delivers a consistent message every time. Build staff or client skills by demonstrating best practice and make it available on demand.

Rak Australia- “Installing a roof rack”