Video Testimonial- Sentral Education

Client Video Testimonial Industry: Education Client: Sentral Education “I think more agile organisations are easier to work with, because it offers more flexibility, personalised service and more attention. The result was great. What’s really commendable is how positively our feedback was taken, and really the passion to produce great videos for clients” Yusuf Pingar, Marketing Manager at […]

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Australian Academy of Beauty Therapy – Using Video

Client Video Testimonial Industry: Education Client: Australian Academy of Beauty Therapy (AABT) “Video is very important because so many people are visual these days. Video has certainly helped us get more customers and more students to the school” The Australian Academy of Beauty Therapy has been working with quickclips for over a decade, initially using video content for […]

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2017 The Year of the Video For Small Business in Australia?

Despite producing video for some of the biggest corporations in Australia & NZ over the last decade, we haven’t strayed far from our origins: small and medium-size business. We’ve just released a new series of packages designed to make video production simple and cost effective for small business. We also did this in 2007, but we […]

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October Showreel

In the October Showreel, we showcase “home improvements” and how an application such as Timelapse can make your video stand out. We shot this video in Australia and New Zealand over the month of October. This is a mini reel with work quickclips made for NZ Credit Union, Yellow NZ and James Hardie Australia.

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Video is a powerful Sales Tool

An abandoned “shopping cart” is a sad sight. . Whether it’s at a jaunty angle curbside, lonely in a carpark or upside-down in a creek, empty shopping carts are not pulling their weight! They’re easy to fill, but just as easy to abandon. They’re even easier to abandon online. But they are less abandoned online […]

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Video Revamps Existing Marketing Techniques

Video revamps existing marketing techniques to drive sales Video in email marketing has been shown to increase click-through rates by over 96%. In response, the number of marketers planning to use video in email campaigns has increased 5x since the beginning of 2009 [2] YouTube’s Own Marketing Advice For Retailers: Create Content, Not Commercials His […]

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Video Translates Your Message Better Than Text

A picture is worth a thousand words. Whether it was Confucious, or not, who said that (the origin remains hotly debated!), the intrinsic meaning of the idiom remains – online audiences are more likely to watch a visually stimulating video about your services or product than they are to read a long and possibly boring […]

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Our Latest Portfolio

Events Organising and running an event is a major investment of time and money. Why not showcase the buzz, the speakers and the highlights to reach a much wider audience? Target your partners, sponsors and attendees and those who couldn’t make it with a sizzle video of the event. Add some voxpops from attendees to […]

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