Video Revamps Existing Marketing Techniques

Video revamps existing marketing techniques to drive sales Video in email marketing has been shown to increase click-through rates by over 96%. In response, the number of marketers planning to use video in email campaigns has increased 5x since the beginning of 2009 [2] YouTube’s Own Marketing Advice For Retailers: Create Content, Not Commercials His […]

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Video Translates Your Message Better Than Text

A picture is worth a thousand words. Whether it was Confucious, or not, who said that (the origin remains hotly debated!), the intrinsic meaning of the idiom remains – online audiences are more likely to watch a visually stimulating video about your services or product than they are to read a long and possibly boring […]

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Location Location Location!

There’s a reason we say it three times! Emphasis. It’s not the physical setting of where your video is filmed. What’s critically important for the success of your video, and worth emphasising, is its location online and the directions which help your audience, your potential customers, get there. By having an online video embedded within […]

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Our Latest Portfolio

Events Organising and running an event is a major investment of time and money. Why not showcase the buzz, the speakers and the highlights to reach a much wider audience? Target your partners, sponsors and attendees and those who couldn’t make it with a sizzle video of the event. Add some voxpops from attendees to […]

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High quality work

We combine high production values with low overhead costs. This allows us to produce high quality work at a reasonable price. We make the production process simple so you can focus on other priorities. We will  work closely with you at every stage to ensure your expectations are exceeded.

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Our Showreel gives an insight into the diversity of our client base and the quality of work we produce.

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Graduate Case Study

Here is a sample of recent work. We have many more examples we’d be happy to share. Just get in touch and let us know your area of interest and the style of project you have in mind. APM College of Business and Communications Graduate Case Study: Shevoke

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Online marketing strategy

There are many ways you can use video as part of your online marketing strategy. The approach you use depends on what you want to achieve and your available budget. Take a look at some of the different ways our clients have used online video. Also go to our Portfolio page which gives more specific […]

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Quickclips is ISO9001 certified

Video is a powerful online tool and has rapidly become one of the most credible, engaging and low cost marketing mediums. Video is flexible and can be used in many different ways through multiple distribution channels. Quickclips is ISO9001 certified. Read more. Download 10 reasons to use online video pdf version. Download your free White Paper: “How to […]

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