2017 The Year of the Video For Small Business in Australia?

Despite producing video for some of the biggest corporations in Australia & NZ over the last decade, we haven’t strayed far from our origins: small and medium-size business.

qcl-vid-prodWe’ve just released a new series of packages designed to make video production simple and cost effective for small business. We also did this in 2007, but we might have got the decade wrong.

What has happened in 10 years that makes us think 2017 is the year of the video for small business in Australia?

When we started quickclips in 2006, we set out to make video production easy, accessible and affordable to small business. This was just at the dawn of YouTube, the video self-publishing boom and social media.

We began by offering a few simple entry level packages, the idea being that we could demystify the video production process and present an ‘off the shelf product’ – something that a small business could easily be able to afford and see what they were getting. These packages got a lot of interest, but in those early days of online video in Australia, we found that we were still needing to ‘sell’ the benefits of using online video, and the smaller business’ were perhaps still not ready to invest in this approach. Video in Australia was still young.

Then we got a call from Google who were still in their first Australian HQ over in Sussex Street. Obviously, a large global company knew what was happening with video content in the US; it was crazy, and it was coming. We have been working with Google across many departments since then, and many other large organisations including YouTube, Facebook, AMP, NewsCorp, James Hardie and Westfield on a whole range of video projects.

So we sort of unexpectedly entered the realm of video production for bigger business, but still not crazy big budgets. We didn’t take liberties, we continued to charge our normal rates. We still operate the same way, we’re still a small, lean team. We still don’t drag a crew of 40 people along to stand around and do nothing. We look for creative ways to get things done. This makes our clients very happy.

And we haven’t forgotten the beginning; the original idea was that video production needn’t be expensive or difficult. That still stands. What has changed is that now, a decade later, video is definitely here…and there and everywhere. And since then social media just went ballistic, so you now have all these channels for distribution.

We no longer need to ‘sell’ the benefits of online video because it’s just everywhere. It’s such an essential part of our online experience, of how we communicate, as some juicy facts and numbers below will illustrate:

• Globally, IP video traffic will be 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2020, up from 70 percent in 2015. (http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/collateral/service-provider/visual-networking-index-vni/complete-white-paper-c11-481360.html

• A billion hours of video is being watched daily on YouTube. “Let’s put that in perspective. If you were to sit and watch a billion hours of YouTube, it would take you over 100,000 years.” YouTube vice president of engineering Cristos Goodrow https://phys.org/…/2017-02-youtube-billion-hours-online-vid…

• As much as 85 percent of video views happen with the sound off http://digiday.com/media/silent-world-facebook-video/

• “To survive and thrive in 2017 and beyond, you have to be able to create high-value web video content fast, at scale, and at the right price point”, Donna Tuths, global head of digital content at Accenture. Interactive http://www.econtentmag.com/Articles/Editorial/Feature/The-State-of-Online-Video-2017-115706.htm


And so, in this current climate, we’ve redesigned a series of entry level packages (again) to suit different budgets and to make video production simple and cost effective for small and medium-size business.  See more.